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Praising in Every Moment

Updated: Jul 9

In the midst of my current season, in this valley I am walking through to get to my mountaintop, the one thing I have rarely done, and have struggled with so thoroughly, is learning to let go. I have been resistant to the idea that God knows better than I. Looking back at the past few years however, through a new lens that allows for better reflection, I realize the life I was living had me falling short, not living up to my full potential. I understand that the path I'm on, though at surface level seems rough, is serving a very useful purpose. It is an exercise in building faith. I look back and know that I have come a long way here in my travels. I am slowly overcoming my doubts, and I have some more ground to cover in this walk. I have decided to take the journey with God, allowing Him to guide my steps. I know today, that sometimes loss is for a greater gain. So with this newfound realization, I say this to Him:

In the valley, and on the mountaintop, I will praise you.

In lack and in abundance, I will praise you.

In sickness and in health, I will praise you.

In turbulent seas, and in calm waters, I will praise you.

In sorrow and in joy, I will praise you.

In loss and in gain, I will praise you.

In drought and in deluge, I will praise you.

In adversity, and in opportunities, I will praise you.

While walking through hell, and when my fingertips can grasp at the heavens, I will praise you.

In all these ways, and for the rest of my days, I will praise your name.


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