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A Letter to Jacob on his 14th Birthday

Happy 14th birthday to my youngest, Jacob. You are to me, such an utter delight, a joy to my heart. You are grace and happiness personified. You are a testament to the human spirit and the resiliency of it. I learn every day of the capacity of the heart to expand beyond what we know it is capable of, simply by watching you. I can see forgiveness every day through you, and it makes me cherish you all the more. You teach me all the lessons I have long needed to learn. My sweet boy, my itty bitty. How much do I love you?

You are a sight for sore eyes that miss you. You are respite for a tired soul. You are all the things you need to be to the people that need you to be that, in whatever that moment calls for. You are fearless, and have the heart of a lion. I admire that in you, yet it still sets my heart to racing when I see you do things that I fear may harm you. Those crazy jumps on a skateboard, the wall climbing, all of those things that adventurous boys do,give me mild palpitations, yet it gives me joy all the same. You are who we all strive to be. You encapsulate what it means to enjoy life, and live it to the fullest. We all know life here on this earth is ephemeral, and you are the person that reminds us all of that, with the joy you approach life every day. Your joy is there within you every day, and it radiates throughout your beautiful soul, never diminished, and always present. Every day to me, you are a promise fulfilled, a destiny reached. It seems like a lifetime can be lived in a single day with you.

As a mother, there are far too many days where I feel I do not deserve you, nor the love you give so freely. It is given without condition, no strings attached, to all who know you. All the same, I am glad you choose every day to bestow it upon me. So grateful every day for you. I am blessed beyond measure to call myself your mother, even if I am not worthy of it. I hope every day you understand how very precious you are to me. No matter how bad a day can be, and there have been a few, I feel instantly redeemed simply by your presence. Handsome boy of mine, you can never comprehend how much I love you. Mere words will never convey it, no testimony can be given to testify to it, no song can be written that will speak on it.

Your life is slowly unfurling before you, there are so many places to go, so many sights to see, and I'm very excited to be there with you for it. I am thrilled to be able to watch with you, to see where life takes you, and to observe on the sidelines the choices you make. I am nothing but optimistic that you will make good decisions, or learn from the bad ones. There are no limits on where you are going, and how far you'll go. I will be here for you every step of the way,rejoicing with you. Celebrating the victories, and lifting you up in the defeats. I am your biggest fan, and have been from day one. I love you so much Jacob Aaron, you are one of the true great loves in my life.

Love always,


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