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A Letter to Ava on her 15th birthday

Sweetest Ava,

I want to tell you today, how very much you mean to me. I gave you life, now I want to speak life into you. I want you to take the words I speak to you, and harness them to be the best Ava you can be. You are ever full of promise and poise wrapped up in the ginger haired body of a 15 year old young lady. I love you so very much. While I know these softest of words are hard for you to say in return, I know you love me too. I know we clash often, for various reasons, the clothes you choose, which are very often mine, and some of your beliefs. All those things we clash over, are really the very things that speak to your true heart, and your gentle nature. They make you uniquely you, and that makes you absolutely lovely. I had prepared myself to battle some things out with you, but I’ve decided to let you just be who you choose to be. The strong will of yours will be exactly what is needed in the cruel world out there. Not caring what others think about you, is what the future will need more of. You are as obstinate as I, but in matters far more important than I choose to fight over. This time for you is crucial, and what I need to do now, is loosen my grasp on you, just a bit. This is hard for me, and I will do it reluctantly, but it is what you need. Your heart has such a capacity to love, for me to try to change anything about that would be detrimental to you and for you. You are a wonder to behold, and I’m in awe of you every day, even when it doesn’t seem so. Most mothers can only ever wish for a daughter like you, I’m one of the lucky ones who are actually living the dream. While our relationship can be complicated some days, my love for you never is, nor will it ever be. Some days may have you questioning

my motives, but everything I do, is based out of the purest love a mother can ever have for her daughter. I love you in the only way I know how, which is fiercely. You will be on the receiving end for all the rest of my days, of my unrelenting devotion to you. I hold you so tightly every day in my thoughts, my heart, and in my prayers. I love you so much my sweet Ava Girl, words will never hit the truth of it. They are not even close. You can never know how much a glare from you can shatter my heart, and how much those same eyes can heal me too. Those eyes that wound me, also heal me. There is no one else I would rather have my heart broken by than by you. I love you so much, my darling baby girl. My sweet Ava. Love you forever,


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